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Aglaia Konrad, Copy Construct, CC Mechelen, ce 24 mars

Aglaia Konrad

Copy Cities, 2003 – 2004
12 cahiers DIN A4, photocopies couleurs et NB, édition 7/7 sous custode. #01 Urban creatures
#02 Desert Cities
#03 Dakar (survey #01)
#04 Les jumelles
#05 Elasticity Spread
#06 Suburbs
#07 Dakar Cuts
#08 Seoul (survey #02)
#09 Undecided Frames
#10 Some Cities
#11 Makowsky’s Bungalow Colony, High Falls, NY
#12 Hoover Over

Aglaia Konrad participe à l’exposition « Copy Construct » (curated by Kasper Andreasen) au Centre Culturel de Mechelen (Malines).
25 mars > 4 juin. Vernissage ce 24 mars à 20h.

The exhibition Copy Construct departs from different artistic practices and speci c works by artists that are based on ‘reproduction’ or ‘copy’. The selected works are inherent to the production of printed matter or artist’s books. This implies that different artistic media such as painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, and graphic design can manifest themselves through graphical problematics and their meanings.
Alongside the 25 works of the artists, a little less than 300 books from the KASK collection (School of Arts, Ghent) and private collections from Belgium and England are displayed in the exhibition. The exhibition architecture is designed by Kris Kimpe and Koenrad Dedobbeleer and is accompanied by a publication, designed by Joris Dockx, which includes a bibliography of the exhibited books, different contributions by the artists, an interview with a book collector, etc.

Curated by Kasper Andreasen

With work by: Kasper Andreasen, Peter Downsbrough, Vincent Geyskens & Jan Op de Beeck, Henri Jacobs, Jan Kempenaers, Kris Kimpe & Koenraad Dedobbeleer Stephanie Kiwitt, Aglaia Konrad, Alon Levin, Sara MacKillop, Gregorio Magnani, Marc Nagtzaam, Willem Oorebeek, Frans Oosterhof, Ria Pacquée, Simon Popper, Guy Rombouts, Mitja Tušek, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (Club Moral) & the KASK Collection et al.

and publications by: Brumaria, Sébastien Conard, Arnaud Desjardins, De Enschedese School, Mekhitar Garabedian, Thomas Geiger (Mark Pezinger Verlag), Jef Geys, Groepsdruk (& others), Karl Holmqvist, Jochen Lempert, Louis Lüthi, Jurgen Maelfeyt, Mark Manders, Karel Martens, Tine Melzer, Dan Mitchell, Kristen Mueller, Olaf Nicolai, Sophie Nys, Quick Magazine, Kurt Ryslavy, Joachim Schmid, David Sherry, Erik Steinbrecher, Derek Sullivan, Elisabeth Tonnard, This Week, Erik van der Weijde, Maud Vande Veire, Gert Verhoeven, Leen Voet, Jan Voss, Fritz Welch

Aglaia Konrad

Aglaia Konrad & Willem Oorebeek
6 memo’s for the beloved.
System – Curiousity – Memory – Form – Display – Simplicity Lithographies, 2016