Jacques Lizène, Petit Maître liégeois meets Bassie Lebon, Luca, school of arts, Bruxelles, vernissage ce 30.10

Jacques Lizène

Jacques Lizène, Petit maître liégeois hésitant à entrer dans le cadre de l’une ou de l’autre photo, 1971. Courtesy galerie Nadja Vilenne, Liège.
Lieven Segers, Reft / Light, 2010.

Exhibition with works of Jacques Lizène / Lieven Segers
During one month, Sint-Lukasgalerie becomes the meeting place of the work of two Belgian artists, Jacques Lizène (b. 1946) and Lieven Segers (b. 1975). Although very different with regard to generation and context—Lizène made his debut in the 1970s and works from Liège, while Segers has been operating from Antwerp for about ten years—both employ strikingly similar artistic strategies. Tongue in cheek selfportraits; subversive combinations of text and image (often the photographic image); and a critical but simultaneously humoristic relationship with the surrounding reality are recurrent features of their practices. In both cases this results in highly relevant and topical works that in the exhibition dialogue with each other.

Curator: Liesbeth Decan

Exhibition within the framework of the OPAK research project “Photography Performing Humor”

Tentoonstelling met werk van Jacques Lizène / Lieven Segers
Een maand lang vormt de Sint-Lukasgalerie een ontmoetingsplaats voor het werk van twee Belgische kunstenaars, Jacques Lizène (°1946) en Lieven Segers (°1975). Hoewel erg verschillend qua generatie en context – Lizène debuteerde in de jaren 1970 en werkt vanuit Luik; Segers opereert sinds een tiental jaar vanuit Antwerpen – hanteren ze opvallend gelijkende artistieke strategieën. Enkele constanten zijn de zelfrelativerende omgang met het aloude genre van het zelfportret, de subversieve combinatie van tekst en beeld (vaak het fotografische beeld), en een kritisch maar ook humoristisch inspelen op de hen omringende realiteit. In beide gevallen resulteert dit in erg actueel relevante werken, die in deze tentoonstelling met elkaar in dialoog treden.

Tentoonstelling in het kader van het OPAK-onderzoeksproject “Photography Performing Humor”

Curator: Liesbeth Decan

Locatie / Venue
Paleizenstraat 70
1030 Brussel

Vernissage / Opening
29.10 (18:00 – 21:00)

30.10 > 28.11.2015
di.-vr./tue-fr.: 11:00 – 17:00
za./sa.: 13:00 – 17:00

Photography Performing Humor
Conference Program

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

9:30 am Coffee & registration
10:30 am Welcome
Liesbeth Decan (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels)
Opening word
Carl Van Eyndhoven (dean LUCA School of Arts)
10:40 am Introductory speech
Mieke Bleyen (KU Leuven)
11:00 am Keynote lecture
Esther Leslie (Birkbeck University of London)
Photography and Laughter’s Shattered Articulation
12:00 am Lunch break
1:00 pm Alexandra Olivia Tait (University College London)
Düsseldorf’s Commedia dell’Arte: Artistic Self-Staging in polke/richter richter/polke (1966)
1:30 pm Andrei Venghiac (based in Gothenburg)
Reflections on the Concept of Play
2:00 pm Coffee break
2:30 pm Heather Diack (University of Miami)
Playing It Straight: The Alliance of Humor and Photography in Conceptual Art
3:00 pm Sandra Krizic Roban (Institute of Art History, Zagreb)
Elements of Humor in Proto- and Conceptual Photography in Croatia
3:30 pm Liesbeth Decan (LUCA School of Arts)
“Petit Maître liégeois meets Bassie Lebon: Jacques Lizène – Lieven Segers.” Short introduction to the exhibition
4:00 pm Reception at Sint-Lukasgalerie
Exhibition “Petit Maître liégeois meets Bassie Lebon: Jacques Lizène – Lieven Segers”
6:30 pm Keynote lecture
Louis Kaplan (University of Toronto)
A Morbid Sense of Humor: Reflections on Photography’s Dark Comedy

Wednesday 25 November 2015

10:00 am Coffee & registration
10:30 am Keynote lecture
Tanya Sheehan (Colby College, Waterville, Maine – Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Revival and Subversion: The Racial Politics of Amateur Photographic Humor
11:30 am Coffee break
12:00 am George Emeka Agbo (University of the Western Cape)
Facebook and Photographic Humourisation of Political Activism in Nigeria
12:30 am Sian Bonnell (based in Cornwall; Falmouth University, Cornwall)
Wilful Amateur
1:00 pm Lunch break
2:00 pm Lieven Segers (based in Antwerp; MAD-Faculty, Hogeschool PXL, Hasselt – LUCA School of Arts, Genk)
8 words on making something good
2:30 pm Thomas Mailaender (based in Paris and Marseille)
Screening A Very Serious Job
3:00 pm Coffee break
3:15 pm Ann Kristin Krahn (Braunschweig University of the Arts)
Adding a Giggle: Lee Friedlanders Practice of the “Shadow Self-Portrait”
3:45 pm Benjamin Picado (Fluminense Federal University, Icaraí, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro)
The Involuntary Grace of a Snapshot: Humorous Eventfulness in Images of Photojournalism
4:15 pm Kevin Atherton (based in Dublin; National College of Art and Design, Dublin)
Performing the Performance Documentation
8:00 pm Lieven Gevaert Leerstoel Lectures (at deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussel)
Paulien Oltheten (based in Amsterdam)
Sifting and sorting / centrifugal thoughts
Hilde D’haeyere (KASK School of Arts, University College Ghent)
CINEMACINE. Lecture on the Mechanisms of Screen Comedy
Concluding debate
9:30 pm Reception