John Murphy, the movement of thought, an edition by Massimo Minini, Spring 2020


by John Murphy

An edition of  Galleria Massimo Minini – Spring 2020

4 signed and numbered copies + I AP – Two volumes each, bound in grey cloth

Comprising the following artist books:

1975. J. M. Selected Works, Jack Wendler, London, 210 x 147 mm – 80 pages

1985.  ‘Stuck in the Milky Way’, Lisson Gallery, London, 254 x 217 mm – 32 pages

1987-8.  ‘John Murphy’,  Whitechapel Gallery, London, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 270 x 220 mm – 32 pages

1990.  ‘Silent Vertigo’, Lisson Gallery, London, 260 x 270 mm – 16pages

1991. ‘Inaugural Violence’, Christine Burgin Gallery, John Weber Gallery, New York 280 x 216 mm – 18 pages

1996.   ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Deaf Man’, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, 307 x 245 mm – 16 pages

1996.  ‘Navigating in Madness’, Galerie de Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 307 x 245 mm – 16 pages

1997.  ’John Murphy’, Villa Arson, Nice, 269 x 212 mm – 36 pages

2003.  ‘The Way Up and The Way Down’, Southampton City Art Gallery and Museum, Southampton, 212 x 160 mm – 32 pages

2004-5.  ‘And Things Throw Light on Things’, Ikon Gallery and Barber Institute Birmingham, 297 x 248 mm – 32 pages

2006. (Between the Acts), Lisson Gallery, London, 240 x 170 mm – 28 + II pages

2006.  ‘…the stench of shit…’  Galerie Erna Hecey, Brussels, 281 x 191 mm – 30 pages

2013.  ‘Of Voyages, Of Other Places’, Trondheim kunstmuseum, Trondheim, 285 x 215 mm – 16 pages

2013.  Epreuve(Voyage Towards the Edge of the Night) Gevaert Editions, Brussels, 345 x 265 mm – 10 pages

During FRIEZE 2019, on a sunny day in October, I met as every year, my old friend John Murphy. Almost my age, an artist who I admire without having an occasion to collaborate. After our meeting I decided to visit his studio in Hackney, East London, to have a look with him at his recent work. Searching around in the room we gathered together, one by one, all his publications. I was so impressed by the quality of these slim books that I had the idea of presenting them all together. The body of books illustrate perfectly the story of the art of JOHN MURPHY, born in England in 1945 of Irish immigrant parents. John Murphy continues to live and work in Hackney, in his beautiful and peaceful home … a space for thought …

Massimo Minini – John Murphy