Emilio Lopez Menchero, Cadavre Exquis, l’image

La contribution d’Emilio Lopez Menchero est la deuxième partant de la gauche.

A single wall frieze created by Raymond Barion, Stéphane Calais, Jacques Charlier, Jana Cordenier, Karin Hanssen, Kati Heck, Henri Jacobs, Emilio López-Menchero, Stephanie Maeseele, Helmut Stallaerts, Elly Strik, Walter Swennen, Mitja Tušek, Koen van den Broek, Jan Van Imschoot and Philippe Van Snick.

The decision to devote more attention to painting in the LLS 387 programme led gallery director Ulrike Lindmayr, together with artists Mitja Tušek and Jan Van Imschoot, to look for a non-standard exhibition model that would allow different artistic approaches within contemporary painting to be highlighted.

In the course of that search the following key questions arose:
In the context of a group exhibition how might it be possible to show something above and beyond the diversity of the contemporary painting on display? How could the trammels of traditional exhibition models be thrown off? And how, despite the wide variety of artistic attitudes and expressions, could the project highlight both the common and the collective communication between artists?

The answer to these questions was found in the Cadavre exquis, devised by the Surrealists in the 1920s. It employs the écriture automatique technique, which starts from the premise that a single work can be developed by several artists, each building on his predecessor’s contribution, which, however, remains invisible to him until the artwork is complete. Not until its actual unveiling is the final, unpredictable result of the joint endeavour revealed.

LLS 387 invited sixteen artists to create a single Cadavre exquis on the walls of the exhibition space. Each artist had a section of wall 284 cm high and 135 cm wide on which to react to his or her predecessor’s work. No more than 3 cm to 10 cm of that prior work was visible, providing the only visual reference for the artist to pick up on when continuing the frieze. The participating artists painted directly onto the wall. When the exhibition closes the Cadavre exquis will be painted over.