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Art on Paper, BOZAR Bruxelles, 10 – 13.09, Valérie Sonnier

art on paper

La galerie Nadja Vilenne a le plaisir de vous inviter au salon Art on Paper qui se déroulera, à l’occasion des Brussels Art Days, à BOZAR, du jeudi 10 au dimanche 13 septembre.
Booth 22. Solo show de Valérie Sonnier.

Valerie Sonnier

Valérie Sonnier
Sans titre, 2015. Détail
Crayon, crayons de couleur et cire sur papier. 33,5 x 41,5 cm.

Drawing enjoys significant consideration on the international arts scene, whether it comes to exhibitions, biennial arts events and art critic reviews, to institutions and individuals whose collections are committed to drawings, or still to galleries and specialised fairs. While in the past, drawing used to be confined to the auxiliary rank of artistic practice, it now holds its own place in the world of contemporary art; the medium has succeeded in conquering its autonomy.
With its specifics rooted in graphic expression, which composes the image with lines, drawing nonetheless allows for a vast number of possibilities to be introduced, for a pallet of perspectives to be displayed and for artists to reveal their uniqueness, whether they dedicate the entirety of their work to drawing or lend themselves to it occasionally. Whether it is figurative, abstract, monumental, minimalist, three-dimensional, shimmering, discreet, performance-based, narrative… its incessantly renewed possibilities, both in its compositions and in its procedures, demonstrate the richness and pertinence of contemporary drawing.
Art on Paper has made itself the sounding board for this pertinence that is specific to the medium by devoting itself strictly to drawing in its most contemporary expression. For this fifth edition, taking place from 11 to 13 September 2015, the Brussels contemporary drawing show is taking possession of the BOZAR Terarken rooms with a plan to connect some twenty solo shows selected from international galleries. An artist’s stroke will thus stand out within each exhibition space.

Terarken rooms, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Ville de Bruxelles
Art on Paper in collaboration with BOZAR
FRIDAY 11.9 – 11 am > 10 pm – exhibition & drawings night
SATURDAY 12.9 – 11 am > 7 pm – exhibition
SUNDAY 13.9 – 11 am > 7 pm – exhibition

Preview and opening THURSDAY 10.9