Eleni Kamma, Curiosity, Tinos Quarry Platform

Eleni Kamma participe à l’exposition Curiosity, organisée par le Tinos Quarry Platform en collaboration avec la Cultural Foundation of Tinos in Chora (Grèce)
02.07.2016 > 31.10.2016

Curiosity is influencing numerous processes. To name a few of them: discovery, innovation, gossiping, research, experimentation and the death of some unfortunate yet certain cats. Curiosity and the invitation by Tinos Quarry Platform arrived at the same time. Tinos is an island I had never been to before. After giving it a second thought, a third, even a forth and so on, curiosity stayed with me.
Curiosity’s effects seem unlimited and rather chaotic to narrow down. Google provides an image of it. Curiosity looks like a vehicle, a rover rolling its wheels on planet Mars. Google doesn’t lie.
Unlike its predecessors looking for specific answers, Curiosity’s mission is to produce a clearer image of Mars by collecting a broad variety of data. In a similar tone the residency and exhibition are developing around curiosity as a vehicle for broader exploration, thus providing the artists with the complete freedom to create their own methods of approach to the theme.
Tinos is to be explored by invited artists, sharing different familiarity levels with the island. Some live abroad, some are Greek, some have been in Greece, some have never visited before, some reside on the island, others visit on an annual basis. Levels of familiarity function for curiosity like different settings on a microscope or a telescope, depending on what one is planning to study.

Alexios Papazacharias (Greece)

Eleni Kamma

Eleni Kamma
Regarding that moment when I didn’t speak the truth (although I could).

Between 25 May and 5 June 2016, a series of confessions concerning an experience of personal insincerity took place in Tinos. The artist asked the individuals that confessed to visualize the reason of their insincerity in the manner of a self-portrait. These portraits were realized instantly at the local photographer’s studio in the typical size and format of a passport photo.
Eleven photos framed, 2016