Emilio Lopez-Menchero, Jacques Lizène, Identity as a TM, Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk

Jacques Lizène

Jacques Lizène
Peinture nulle (1966), sur l’idée de mettre n’importe quel objet sur la tête (1994), sculpture génétique (1971), en remake 2010, photographie marouflée sur toile, rehaussée en technique mixte, 50 x 60 cm, 2010

Emilio Lopez Menchero

Emilio Lopez Menchero
Trying to be Valie Export, 2016
Photographie NB marouflée sur aluminium, 105 x 135 cm

Emilio Lopez-Menchero et Jacques Lizène participent à la Triennale d’Hasselt cette année placée sous le sigle de la « Trademark »

TRADEMARKS blindly define the landscape of our daily lives. Everything that is heard, seen, tasted, smelt and felt today is marked by logos and stories. These figurative marks are often so intertwined with the product that they become invisible.
On 1st October 2016 commences the multidisciplinary arts festival Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk, turning the spotlight onto these TRADEMARKS. Through contemporary art, fashion, design, music and photography the City Triennial in Hasselt and Genk discloses the stories behind originality, innovation and personal branding in artistic ways. Several exhibitions, socio-artistic projects and a myriad of invigorating activities take you on a 100 days of Logomania rollercoaster.

Ils participent tous deux à l’exposition « Identity as a TM », dont le commissariat est confié à Emmanuel d’Autreppe. L’exposition a lieu au Centre Culturel d’Hasselt du 1er octobre au 8 janvier 2017. Vernissage le 1er octobre 2016.

Notions such as ‘personal identity’ and ‘image’ seem to fade in the era of social media and selfies. The question remains to be asked however, as to if they are actually more present than ever? We gaze at ourselves through a catalogue of images of others, filled with decontextualized references. This exposition unwinds in a curious yet critical way the urge to ‘trademark’ ourselves. Anonymity, self-reflection and social stratification are blended into static or moving images, creating an ample variety of images in which the visitor can find and conform himself. The dynamic areas of the cultural centre do not only offer exhibition space, but rather a labyrinth with keys to ‘self-image-ination’.
Emmanuel d’Autreppe
Emmanuel d’Autreppe is Professor in History of Photography, Aesthetics and Literature at the Academy of Visual Arts, Sint-Lucas (Liège) and in 2016 deputy professor at the VUB (Brussels). He is director of the photographic collection of the Yellow Now editions and co-author of a study on social-professional photography in Belgium (Smart.be Foundation, 2012). He actively works with several institutes in Flanders and Wallonia, where he curates exhibitions on photography and visual arts.

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