E-Xhibition Arco Avril 2021, Maen Florin

La galerie participe aux propositions virtuelles d’Arco Madrid et expose virtuellement jusqu’au 10 mai, une sélection d’oeuvres récentes de Maen Florin issues de trois séries : Performers, Histrions et Blue & Blind

Rejoignez la page de la galerie à cette adresse ainsi que la page d’accueil de cette E-Exhibition. 

Performer IV / Blue, 2020, h.120 x br.55 x d.40 cm

Performer :  Despite the highly-charged, serious character of her work, there is also room in it for more playful elements. For instance, in her most recent group of sculptures, The Performer, we come across indirect allusions to the Les Enfants du Paradis, the 1945 film by Marcel Carné. Maen Florin saw this French classic years ago and the marvellous world it evokes has always stayed with her. The film is about love and melancholy, pickpockets and broken hearts in the wings and dressing rooms of a people’s theatre in the mid-nineteenth century. Besides the hard outside world of reality is the parallel one of the theatre that is filled with shadowy lives, dreams and the sweet illusion of the imagination

“What is the world if not a great stage, in which everyone performs in the mask of another and acts out his adopted role, until the great director removes him from the stage.” This well-known quotation from Erasmus’s Praise of Folly also inspired Maen Florin in making her sculptures. With her standing sculptures, the artist presents herself as the director who plays on the feelings of her public by way of imaginary, dreamlike characters.

Histrionis 2020, céramique       

Histrion. Male noun. An ancient actor who played crude jokes, with flute accompaniment. Literary, ridiculous charlatan: A political histrion. Histrion refers, in ancient Roman theatre, to a comic actor, a comedian who played pranks. Synonyms: actor, comedian, jester. Histrion refers, by extension, to a bad comedian, a ham. From Latin histrio (« actor »). (By extension) A character who makes a spectacle of himself by using outrageous effects. Synonym: clown. Derived from: Histrionage, histrionic, histrionisme, histrionner. Bateleur, baladin, player of jokes. Comedian and in particular pantomime. 16th century. Borrowed from Latin, mime, comedian, braggart, embarrassment maker. The feminine Histrionne is sometimes used. Other synonyms: turlupin, joker, puppet, polichinelle. A grotesque buffoon whose sallies, lascivious pantomimes and licentious performances disturb the senses of the audience. Histrionic personality disorder is characterised by a pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking. A somatoform disorder that affects a person’s thinking, perception and relationship with others.

Blue & Blind, 2000, céramique

Blue & Blind : Maen Florin’s sculptures appeal to the viewer to reflect on the place of the individual in a changing society. The series of heads for instance with the title Blue and Blind resonate with the sense of loneliness and alienation that is increasingly the hallmark of our society. By mixing the moulds of different heads, she gives the new heads a distorted and aggrieved look. Melancholy and sorrow lie concealed behind their closed eyes (Blue). Can or will they not see (Blind).