Alevtina Kakhidze, Paréidolie, Marseille, preview

Alevtina Kakhidze
Crisis on politics in family, state and garden 2014 – 2022
11 drawings on various supports (paper, notebooks), variable dimensions displayed in a showcase, 70 x 130 cm
2014 Crisis in my marriage. A lot of not solved… A ring. A book.
Husband, me, 14.03.2014. Simone de Beauvoir (my husband is reading Simone de Beauvoir’s essay)
During the crisis with my husband in 2014 I was keep telling: lie of my husband hurts me more than lie of Putin… I was mistaken… 24.02.2022
Crisis in country
Gardening is mainly about politics
Happy Birthday Greetings
My friends at war during this spring.
13. donations:
To Armed Forces of Ukraine To family of refugees
To Armed Forces of Ukraine To Armed Forces of Ukraine To Ambulance
To Zoo
To animals
To cancer patients