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Window display as a symbol of peace

Kakhidze’s drawings and texts convey her personal experiences of war in real time and pose searching questions for the actions of the occupying powers. Her work expresses opposition to violence and makes an appeal for peace. In so doing, she not only explores culture, but nature too. After all, plants, even those that are invasive, will grow peacefully alongside native species, so for her they represent a symbol of pacifism. She always adds that “plants are pacifists as much as possible on our planet”. In the spring of 2024 she will be creating a site-specific work in SCHUNCK’s store window. The display window of the former Schunck department store carries some significance for her: in 2005 an installation uof her drawings was exhibited here. The very location is symbolic she believes: “When I see a shop window with adorable goods, I think it’s a sign of peaceful life. Because if there was a war, no one would put those goods there.” 

Alevtina Kakhidze’s drawings, installations and videos deal with identity, the war in Russia-Ukraine, the complex dynamics between East and West, power relations, the role of capitalism and our consumer culture, and cultural contradictions and conflicts.