Aglaia Konrad, Il Cretto, Argos, Bruxelles

Projection chez Argos du dernier film d’Aglaia Konrad, durant le Week-end de Art Brussels.

Aglaia Konrad

Aglaia Konrad

Aglaia Konrad


Premiere Screening!

Late opening night screenings in the presence of the artist on Saturday 21st of April from 6pm to 9pm

Over the years the Brussels-based artist Aglaia Konrad brought together an enormous archive of images shot in such diverse cities as Sao Paulo, Beijing, Chicago, Dakar, Tokyo, Cairo or Shanghai. In her new film, Aglaia Konrad brings us to Sicily where we discover one of the most extensive contemporary artworks in the world. Known as The Great Cretto (or Cretto di Burri or Cretto di Gibellina), the site specific artwork has been conceived and undertaken by the Italian artist Alberto Burri (1915-1995). Started in 1984 and left unfinished in 1989, the work was completed in 2015 to mark Burri’s one hundredth birthday. Located on the old city of Gibellina which was completely destroyed by the 1968 Belice earthquake, this landscape intervention appears as a series of white concrete fractures on the ground and pays homage to the victims of the disaster.

Aglaia Konrad
2018, 16mm transfered to video, 13′, color, sound.

Argos Arts
Adresse : Rue du Chantier 13, 1000 Bruxelles