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Aglaia Konrad, The Unruly Apparatus, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen

Aglaia Konrad participe à l’exposition The Unruly Apparatus à l’Académie des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers. Exposition du 16 au 31 octobre.

Aglaia Konrad Projekt: Skulptur, 2017
BW prints on ecoboard, stones, 178 x 120 cm

The exhibition The Unruly Apparatus presents the outcome of a six months long research project organized at the Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp. The aim of the research project is to bring a group of sculptors and photographers together to explore the possible meeting points between the two art practices. Starting from a survey of historical and contemporary artistic practices where sculpture and photography meet, the researchers were asked to respond in kind to these collected examples. After a careful study of the key concepts at work in the artistic practices of renowned artists like Walead Beshty, Noémie Goudal, Liz Deschenes, Bernard Voïta, Thomas Ruff, Asta Gröting and several others, the group of 11 researchers jointly developed a conceptual framework for their own exhibition. The works of the participating researchers will be shown next to some reference works of artists that inspired the project.

The exhibition will feature work by Thomas Ruff, Sine Van Menxel, Ine Kools, Filip Vervaet, Bram Rinkel, Spiros Hadjadjanos, Anton Cotteleer, Elias Asselbergh, Walead Beshty, Fabien Silvestre Suzor, Athar Jaber, Liesbet Grupping, Bernard Voïta, Aglaia Konrad, Kaat Somers, Azuli Peeters, Geert Goiris, Alix Manon, Seth Price, Bernadette Zdrazil, Miguel Cipriano and Wade Guyton, e.