Charlotte Lagro, The Beginning and Ending is Always Ambiguous, En Piste ! Musée de la Boverie, Liège, preview

The Beginning and Ending is Always Ambiguous centers around an umbilical cable used to supply oxygen, as well as light and communication signals, to deep sea divers. From a hundred meters below, divers climb the umbilical, hand over hand, to make their way back to the surface. In water, its air-filled tubes have just the right amount of added mass to gently sink. Out of water, the cable is less at ease. It twists and twirls in all directions. To hold one is to wrestle with it. The 115-meter-long cable is comprised of bright blue, red, orange, and yellow tubes, like veins entwined. (It is a snake of mythical proportions.) This hallowed lifeline makes visceral the fragility of our bodies and the precarity of wedding them to machines. If something goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong.

Video 4K, 04:44 min. Color. Sound.
Installation with umbilical cable, rubber, metal, tape, copper, nylon, 120 meter.