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Alevtina Kakhidze, From the Battlefield, SEA Foundation, Tilburg

En juillet, Alevtina Kakhidze a participé à l’exposition From the Battlefield, un commissariat de Maria Vtorushina, exposition organisée à la SEA Foundation à Tilburg aux Pays-Bas 

From The Battlefield is an exhibition program that amplifies the direct testimony of those who provide evidence of the war in Ukraine and those who are fighting to protect freedom and hope more broadly. By presenting words, notes, images, documents, and works of artists, curators, and thinkers, From the Battlefield investigates life’s simultaneously banal and aspirational qualities. Each work acknowledges in large or small ways that flickering illuminations and sparks of hope, when amplified through social efforts, can be built into powerful forces.

From The Battlefield focuses on the strength of making small decisions of dignity and freedom when also sacrificing for victory in the circumstances of war. Cultivating small and fragile experiences that help individuals and communities live through inhumane conditions (these experiences grow into volunteering, crowdfunding and self-organized initiatives) can be as significant as earning the world’s solidarity attention or receiving material and tactical support. And to find ways to live when loved ones are being killed is a form of resistance.

The programme was conceived by Maria Vtorushina who was invited for an emergency residency for artists and art labours through Artists at Risk.