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Michiel Ceulers – Loïc Moons, Cartoon laws of physic, les images (3)

Loïc Moons 
Sans titre 2022 
Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 30 cm
Michiel Ceulers
Die Mathe-Mafia (Expérience professionnelle pertinente / Visualizing one’s own downfall), 2022-2023 
Acrylic, oil, encaustic, gloss paint, acrylic mirrors, mosaic mirror tiles and wood on found canvas, frame and canvas on styrofoam / artist made frame: cardboard, 80 x 162 cm.
Loïc Moons,
Sans titre, 2022, 
Oil on canvas, 151 x 142 cm
Michiel Ceulers
Un gioco di parole tra sweetie e tweet (ein englisches Onomatopoetikum für Vogelstimmen) / the Golden cage (Oh mon dieu!), 2023
Oil, acrylic, oil stick, spray paint, gloss paint and diamond dust on canvas, 57,5 x 52 cm